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Ludwig Gschossmann | Impressionist painter

German painter🎨 Ludwig Gschossmann (1913-1988) lived his life in a remote lake area in Germany by the name of Tegernsee.
There have been no records of Gschossmann’s birth in the Munich archives in Germany.
Some historians believe that Gschossmann was born as early as 1894. Other dates of birth in research books range from 1901-1913 and 1914.
In 1978 and 1981 Gschossmann wanted his painting to gain acclaim and showed them in a most important auction house in Germany by the name of Hugo Ruef.
In may of 1983 he submitted paintings to the Haus der Kunst, another impressive German auction house.

The paintings by Ludwig Gschossmann were inspired by the German Munich artist Otto Pippel🎨.
The painting subject matter had a wide range from the Tegernsee lake picnic scenes to horse and carriage subjects as well as his opera-ballrooms.
On permanent exhibition at Arnot Gallery in New York.