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David J Cunningham, 1983 ~ Figurative painter

David Cunningham's interest in art began early due in part to thei nfluence of his older brother and a cousin who are also artists. When David was 16 he started attending classes part-time at The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art a traditional art school that ad heres to astringent French academic tradition as well as taking classes at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

After graduating high school David entered a four year apprenticeship at The Atelier. I must first respond to the subject and be filled with emotion to ward that subject. My approach must be so sincere and translucentthat the technique is forgotten and all that can be seen is the subjectshining through. My work is an attempt from first to last to put mythoughts and feelings about life freely and truthfully on record. Life and art can not be disassociated; it is a personal affair frombeginning to end.