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Jeremy Lipking, 1975 | Figurative / Landscape painter

Jeremy Lipking🎨, who was in Santa Monica, California, is the son of a professional illustrator Ronald Lipking.
While he emphasizes that he did not begin his formal studies until his late teens, the young artist’s early exposure to art gave him a sense of taste, perhaps the most important component of an artistic education.
Lipking🎨 found himself most inspired by historic painters who combined the figurative tradition of the nineteenth century European art academies with an emphasis on the naturalistic landscape.
Lipking🎨 enrolled in the California Art Institute, where he dedicated himself to long hours of drawing and painting, and now teaches his skills in art workshops throughout the country.
A versatile painter, Lipking’s artistic output includes landscapes and still lifes, however he feels especially compelled to paint the most classical of artistic subjects, the human figure.

By painting his subjects in outdoor settings, Lipking🎨’s paintings are reminiscent of the artists of the nineteenth century naturalist movement, and like those painters, Lipking prefers to work in a cool, limited palette to create his unique sense of mood.
Lipking🎨 is a Signature Member of the California Art Club.

Lipking’s painting Shady Grove received both the Gold Medal and the Museum Director’s Award in 2001 at the California Art Club’s 91st Annual Gold Medal Juried Exhibition.
His painting Antique Chair received the Museum Purchase Award🎨 at the 92nd Annual Gold Medal Juried Exhibition.
His work has been published in Art-Talk, The Artist’s Magazine, Art and Antiques, American Artist🎨, U.S. Art, and Southwest Art magazines.

Lipking Atelier,CA;
Laguna College of Art and Design, CA
California Art Institute, CA;
Grand Central Academy of Art, NY.