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Irene Klestova ~ Still life painter

Irene Klestova/ Ирина Клестова [1908-1989] was born in Saratov-Russia, then the family of the artist moved to Moscow. Here, in the studio of the famous landscape painter Theodore Rerberg, Irene began his artistic education. In 1925 he entered the Academy of Arts in Rome. In the same period, Irina met her future husband, painter Lev Tchistovsky. Largely thanks to him Klestova manage to keep such a rare while crystal clear academic painting. In 1926, the couple settled in Paris in Montparnasse neighborhood with André Breton and Tamara de Lempicka.

The artist led a rich secular and creative life, was a member of the National Society of Fine Arts and the Society of Independent Artists, participated in many exhibitions in France, England and the United States, her solo exhibitions were held several times in the French galleries. The famous book by Walter Foster "How to draw and paint flowers" illustrated some of her works.
Since the late 1930s, lived in the south-west of France, where she was engaged in cultivation as her favorite orchids. She died there in 1989.

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