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Carol Ann Waldron, 1948 ~ Abstract painter

"As an artist I strive to paint what I “feel” rather than what I “see”. I want to touch the soul of the viewer and bring him along the pathway of my dream through an atmosphere of mystery and light. Through the medium of paint, I endeavour to write the poetry of my soul on the canvas of life. So whether it is a half forgotten street corner, a turbulent seascape or a peaceful landscape, I hope to capture the essence and spirit of the scene and lift the soul of the viewer" - Carol Ann Waldron.

Carol Ann was born in Dublin in 1948. She spent her childhood and early years in the County Wexford village of Oulant. Subsequently her family moved to Greystones, County Wicklow and it is here that Carol Ann now lives.
Since 1988 she has been painting, exhibiting and selling her work. Originally working in pencil, she quickly moved to acrylic, pastel, watercolour and then to oil which remains her primary medium. Although continually changing and developing, her theme is always one of colour, light and atmosphere. In Carol Ann’s opinion a painting of value cannot exist without these three elements. There is a great sense of drama and movement in her work that evokes the shared human experience of living. By committing her dreams and unwritten poetry to canvas, she endeavours to lift the heart and touch the soul of the viewer.
Working intuitively she uses loose brushstrokes and colour that open up the full possibilities of the viewer’s imagination without the constraints of detail, creating the essence of a moment rather than a particular place or time.