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Lidia Wylangowska | Figurative painter

Polish painter Lidia Wylangowska - born in Polen, Poland - works from her workshop in Illinois, and holds regular exhibitions at the Polish Museum of America, Chicago.
"My art tells my story. It's a story of my world, of my thoughts and emotions entwined in an internal dialogue. And some of it can be expressed only through painting. It is incredible, how fairy-tales I heard once-upon-a-time, in my childhood actually influenced my life and defined who I am. As an adult, I still believe in happy endings and that good will prevail".

"The Enchanted Pencil is one of the stories I remember very clearly.
This special pencil could materialize anything drawn, such as doors that lead to any place imaginable.
I realized this story has become hardwired in me. And now my paintings are those doors.
Doors that lead me to my own world of peace and harmony.
A world where dragons, wyverns, basilisks and dwarfs roam free. Where life has a deeper meaning which I do not yet comprehend but searching for this meaning is a fascinating process".

Dice di sè l'artista Polacca: "La mia arte racconta la mia storia. E 'una storia del mio mondo, dei miei pensieri ed emozioni intrecciate in un dialogo interiore. E alcuni di esso può essere espressa solo attraverso la pittura.
E 'incredibile, come favole ho sentito una volta-upon-a-tempo, nella mia infanzia in realtà influenzato la mia vita e definire chi sono. Come un adulto, credo ancora in un lieto fine e che il bene prevarrà".