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Viatcheslav Plotnikov, 1962 | Glamour of Monte Carlo

Viatcheslav Plotnikov was born in Russia. Since a young boy, Plotnikov knew which road his professional life would take. He couldn't of course have foreseen the good fortune he would have, but was however reassured and encouraged by his teachers of the art school: they recognised in him a great pictorial energy and sensed his talent.
Plotnikov was sustained by an intense desire to know and by an unshakeable will to perfect his work: he knew how important it was to master every technique and every style, because from this knowledge he would have been able to germinate a new art.
The neoclassicism would have represented the foundations of a new structure. The dedication and great passion he put into his studies slowly guaranteed the acquisition of a fascinating new knowledge: his character was strengthened internalising the example of the great painters of the past.

During the years of study at the Surikov Institute of Art, Plotnikov had the fortune of measuring his ability through reproducing the canvases of the great masters on show in the Russian Museum of S. Petersburg and the Hermitage.
Line and colour of the past converged in his mind, announcing the exploration of unknown territory. He echoes therefore the incisive brushstrokes of Strozzi and the intensity of Dutch painting.

We cannot limit ourselves to appreciating the canvases of milestones of the past to understand the evolution of an artist: but we can nevertheless through his work feel how design and colour are reincarnated in our times and immortalised.
Art exists throughout time and remains intact, as if it were the effect of a divine revelation. In Plotnikov an absolute syncretism is in action.
Moments of experimentation between still life and nudes searching for the secrets of light in the sublime interplay of colours.

At that time, the master, Prof. Ilia Glasunov, was one of the few to cross frontiers, going beyond the iron curtain of the Berlin Wall offering to a restricted number of his pupils the precious opportunity of travelling through Europe, as in the Grand Tour of the 18th century, with the dream of deepening knowledge and perfecting their own art.
The light itself, in the mediterranean countries, it so different to that of a Russian environment that it represents a necessary destination of their maturing.

Plotnikov had been to Spain, where he had met the famous Juan Carlos, in 1987; he was one of the fortunate pupils that had visited Capri, Naples, Florence, Venice and Rome where he had taken part in a papal audience. In Monte-Carlo there was a perfect converging of pure light and a charming history: the destiny of the painter was sealed. The attraction worked by the beauty of the city was magnetic.
The cultural experience of Plotnikov was not enchained or limited by the study of the principal figurative arts: but was receptive to all figurative expressive forms, and he mastered for example the technique of charcoal drawing, the basic structure of a picture: essential moments, before giving definition and quality to the figure.
In his still life studies and landscapes, can be seen always more clearly the practice and the study in his youth of the canvases of the great masters. Evocative contrasts of light and shade: harmonious alternation of high and low notes, as if of a symphony.

Dazzling is the impact of his canvas reflected in the eyes of the public: every tiny fragment communicates melodically in a charming triumph of sensations, sentiments and recollections. Viatcheslav Plotnikov lives and works in Monte-Carlo since 2000.

Exhibitions and Prize🎨

  • 1984 - Group exhibition CDH, Moscow 1985 Exhibition of Modern Art, Moscow 1985 Exhibition of young artists, Madrid;
  • 1987 - Exhibition in Old Russian city (Smolensk, Southem Novgorod, Pskov, Saint-Petersburg);
  • 1989 - Group exhibition "All-Russia", Moscow;
  • 1990 - Exhibition in Civiltà Cattolica, Rome;
  • 1991 - Project for Russian Embassy, Madrid 1992 International exhibition, Museum of Chinese Historical Relics, Hong Kong;
  • 1993, February - Group exhibition Molfseer Begegnungsstatte, Osterberg, Germany;
  • 1993, March - Auction "Koleksion A.S.", Ankara, Turkey;
  • 1993, July - Gallery “Maritim“, Germany;
  • 1993, October - Auction of outstanding antiques and paintings “Muzayadesi”, Turkish american association, Ankara, Turkey;
  • 1994 - Auction ”Muzayadesi”, Ankara, Turkey;
  • 1995 - Prize🎨 Artitalia 1995, “L’agostiniana” gallery,Rome;
  • 1997 - Prize🎨 Artitalia 1997, “L’agostiniana” gallery, Rome;
  • 1999 - Prize🎨 Artitalia 1999, “L’agostiniana” gallery, Rome;
  • May 2000 - First Prize🎨 9em Salon de Printemps de Bussy Saint-Martin, Paris;
  • November 2000 - Gold Medal 15emAutomnale Château de Ferrieres, Paris;
  • Since 2000 - Permanent Exhibition at Monaco Fine Arts Gallery, Monte-Carlo;
  • 2005 - Gallery of Arts “Gio Batta”, Brescia, Italy;
  • 2006 - Salon 2006 «CORPS ET AME » Comitè National Monegasque, Monte-Carlo;
  • 2010 - Salon 2010 «Zone Sensibile», Comitè National Monegasque, Monte-Carlo, Monaco;
  • 2010 4ème Rencontre Artistique Monaco Japon 2010, September Auction «A Night in Monte-Carlo», Under the High Patronage of the H.S.H.Prince Albert II, London, United Kingdom;
  • October 2010 - February 2011, Open des Artistes de Monaco, gallery “L’Entrepôt”, Monte-Carlo, Monaco;
  • 2011 5ème Rencontre Artistique Monaco Japon,Monte-Carlo, Monaco;
  • November 2011 -  Salon 2011 "L’importance des paysages dans la vie des hommes", Comitè National Monegasque, Monte-Carlo, Monaco;
  • 2011 Personal Exhibition at Societè Assya Asset Management, Monte-Carlo, Monaco;
  • Since 2011 - Cham-Art gallery, Saint-Germain des Pres Art galleries, Paris;
  • 2012 6ème Rencontre Artistique Monaco Japon,Monte-Carlo, Monaco;
  • April 2012 - Salon d'art contemporain-Cote d'Azur "ARTMONACO 2012", Grimaldi forum, Monte-Carlo;
  • June 2012 - Group Exhibition "Artists of Monte-Carlo" Ambassade of Monaco, Madrid;
  • June 2012 - Group Exhibition "Forum des Artistes de Monaco", Auditorium Rainier III, Monte-Carlo;
  • 2012 - Permanent exhibition at Fersen Art Gallery, Monte-Carlo;