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Chin H. Shin | Impressionist Cityscape painter

Korean-born American painter Chin H. Shin has a Master of Art Degree from Long Island University. His past affiliation includes, Oil painters of America, American Society of Marine Artist, Portrait Society of America, member of Huntington Art Council, a judge for Bold Brush International Art Competition and teaches art classes by request.

Chin H Shin has been painting for more than 15 years as a professional oil painter, and his subjects range from landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes to portraits.
Before moving into America, he accumulated profound experience and knowledge in oil painting and watercolor in South Korea, and he continued to study abstract painting for years for his Master’s degree in Long Island University.
Chin has been concentrating on New York cityscapes for the last 2 years after becoming inspired by the streets of Manhattan.

The culture, history, music, and movies of New York serve as a guiding force for his paintings. Technique-wise, he has been influenced by Korean calligraphy and the wild brush strokes of Expressionism. All of these elements have influenced Chin's work. His goal is to transform these street scenes of daily life into a form of visual poetry. Ultimately, he is looking for an extremely positive mental satisfaction found in his work. This can be broken down technically as light and color; light standing for hope for our future.
Hopefully, viewers will understand the intended message Chin is trying to send through his paintings.

Moreover, his painting is based on realism, but he believes that there is an unlimited possibility of variations. Whenever he starts a new painting, he paints with curiosity and childish dreams with enormous energy. His painting style uses bold lines and colorful brush strokes, and completes with unique texture. Psychologically, his painting is based on extreme optimism and humanism.