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Marchella Piery | Palette Knife painting

Marchella Piery is a Italian-born Canadian artist. Her family greatly valued the arts, taking an early interest in drawing and painting. She studied art at Marseille's School of Fine Arts, France.
In 1996 she moved to Canada and specialized in flower arrangements, wedding bouquets and decorations. But never stop painting on canvas.
Her passion is flowers still lifes, bouquets and vases.

Artist Statement
I have a wonderful and crazy smart little boy, and a great husband. I enjoy time with my family, and quiet time by myself and my paintings.
I try to recreate the beauty of the natural world through variety of color, texture and movement. The movement symbolises an energy which happens when working with oil paint. I want my objects to communicate with my audience. I am powered for my art by the sun, sea, my beautiful garden, my memories and my imagination. I've always been inspired by nature and love to paint flowers, mountains, sea, French and Italian riviera.
Over the years I have worked with water colour, egg tempera, acrylic and oil paint with palette knife. I enjoy creating my flower painting by listening to music in my garden.
I also enjoy cooking and baking for other people.