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George Rorris, 1963 | Abstract / Figurative painter

Greek painter🎨 Γιωργος Ρορρης was born in Kosma Kinourias. He studied painting at A.S.K.T. (1982-1987) under the guidance of P. Tetsis and J. Valavanidis, and since 1996 has been teaching painting at a centre of art and letters ‘Apopsi’ (‘Opinion’).
This relatively new artist has already participated in a series of individual and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad that have elevated and established him as one of the most promising painters of our era.

Up to the present time, his artistic output is made up of a series of urban landscapes, still life and human figures.
The common thread in all of his works is a tendency for detailed description and persistence in realistic representation, which he achieves through faithful reproduction of the design and the natural colour.
His colour and the way that he applies it is what particularly attracts the spectator in the first place as it makes his paintings stand out. It is the means through which he expresses his emotions; emotions that all too often leave the viewer feeling melangholic and isolated.
That same isolation which arrives in a form of differentiation is produced by the angle through which he views the chosen subject. He presents images that at first glance do not appear to be of importance, since the simple viewer would not chose to hold in his memory.