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Alan King, 1952 | Massurrealism Art Movement

Alan King was born in Greenwich, South East London. His current style of artwork only really developed in 1999 when he decided to experiment with combining photography with his geometric illusionary pieces with the aid of computer software. His contemporary Surreal style was soon recognised and he was invited to join the Massurrealism Movement in 2004.

A Level Art and self-taught since leaving school.
Exhibited in London in the 1970's, did regular shows in and around Milton Keynes. Now living and exhibiting in Dorset,

Alan Kings interest in the artists of the Surrealism movement combined with his love of architecture, lead him to utilize the qualities of computer generated images to invent bizarre, immeasurable environments which results in the creation of strong vibrant alive and playful digital Surrealism. Strong, bold, and rich with colour, these digital images are extremely well created.