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Thomas Schaller, 1956 | Architecture in Watercolor

"There is a universe of possibility that spans the distance between what we look at and what we see.
And in that space is our experience of the world.
This is what I try to paint - the experience of seeing my world - from perspectives both external and from within.
And as such, dreams, memories, and pure imagination are every bit as valid as is anything that can be physically observed" - Thomas Schaller.

Following a 20-year career in New York City as an architect and architectural artist, Tom Schaller is now based in Los Angeles, California where he devotes himself full-time to artwork in the watercolor medium.
He has long been considered one of the foremost architectural artists in the world. In the field, he has won every major award for his artwork - including being a two-time recipient of the Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize.

He has authored two books; the best-selling, and AIA award of merit winner, Architecture in Watercolor, and The Art of Architectural Drawing.
He is increasingly in demand internationally to conduct his watercolor workshop series, "The Architecture of Light": also the title of his next book currently in progress.

Recently, his artwork has been recognized in the upcoming Splash 13, Splash 14, Splash 15, and Splash Retrospective Books by North Light Books (Aug. 2012, 2013, 2014), a feature article and the cover art for "International Artist" magazine (Oct./Nov. 2011), a feature article and the cover art for "Watercolor Artist" magazine (April 2012); a feature article in "Southwest Art" magazine (Aug. 2012); feature article and cover image "Decor Magazine": Norway; feature article and interview (Feb. 2012) for "Creative Catalyst Productions", a feature article in “American Artist” magazine (April 2010); a finalist in "The Artist's Magazine" 28th Annual Art Competition Issue (Dec. 2011); a winner in "Southwest Art" Magazine's Artistic Excellence Competition (Dec 2011).

His work has been showcased several times in “American Art Collector” magazine; most recently, a feature Feb 2012.
He won Honorable Mention in the 2012 and 2013 Watermedia Showcase Competition (Feb.2012/13) a feature article in Holland's "Palet" magazine (Sept.2011), France's "The Art of Watercolour" and "Practique des Arts" magazines, and is the featured artwork on the cover of "Watercolor Artist" magazine's "One's to Watch" issue (Dec. 2010).
His work is represented by the RS Hanna Gallery, Fredericksburg; Total Arts Gallery, Taos.

Mr. Schaller is a Signature Member of the AWS, NWWS, Artist Member of the California Art Club, and President Emeritus of the American Society of Architectural Illustrators.
Tom is a member of a great many other professional arts organizations as well as a founding member of the group North American Watercolor Artists.