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Dao Hai Phong, 1965 | Landscape painter

Vietnamese painter Dao Hai Phong, the son of the well-known artist Dao Duc, studied at the Hanoi College of Film and Theater from 1982-1987 and won an award for his outstanding designs at the Vietnam Film Festival. His main medium is oil on canvas. Although he had painted as a hobby from the age of six, it was only after his graduation that Phong started to focus on developing his unique painting style.

Phong uses a bold palette to depict scenes reminiscent of his childhood and of life as he sees it. His paintings are full of detail but are usually devoid of people and characterized by a peaceful emptiness.
An ethereal glow from a light source within a building or the shadows, reflections and mirror images seen in his compositions evoke moods and questions in the viewers mind.
Phong’s emotions and genius are embedded in his brilliant pieces. "Painting brings me great pleasure and my works reflect both my optimism and melancholy. Each painting carries some of me with it; my joys, hopes and fears …"
Dao Hai Phong has exhibited widely in Vietnam and abroad. His work is collected by enthusiasts all over the world and is regarded among the finest in contemporary Vietnamese art.

Dao Hai Phong è nato ad Hanoi nel 1965 e si è laureato presso “Hanoi College of Fine Arts” nel 1987. I suoi lavori rappresentano scene di villaggi o le strade si Hanoi, eseguiti con colori brillanti come il blu, giallo, verde e rosso. L’uso di questi colori così forti focalizzano l’attenzione in alcuni elementi chiave e sottolineano la semplicità dei suoi dipinti.
Considerato come uno dei pittori di maggior successo del Vietnam che sono emersi dopo Doi Moi, Dao Hai Phong ha esposto ampiamente dal 1992 nella sua città natale in Vietnam e all'estero. Phong ha partecipato a diverse mostre ad Hanoi, Gran Bretagna (1994), Hong Kong (1994, 1996), Laos (1997), USA (1997, 2001), Italia (1997), Singapore (1999) e Svizzera (1999).