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Cai Yushui, 1963 | Ink wash painter

Cai Yushui /蔡玉水 is born in Ji’nan, Shandong Province.
He is a professional painter in Beijing Fine Art Academy, a first-class artist in China, and a member of Chinese Artists Association.
He used to teach in Shandong University of Arts, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Singapore), and Shandong University of Art Design.
From 1981-1985, Yushui Cai studied at the Art Department of Shandong University of Arts and remained their as a teacher after graduation.
He is specialized in Chinese inkwash painting, heavy variety and sketch.

His works "An Offering to Hundreds of Years of Chinese History" is listed No. 3 in Chinese traditional figure paintings after the May 4th Movement, and is included in "Chinese Fine Arts", "The Illustrated Dictionary of Chinese Fine Arts", "The Yearbook of Chinese Fine Arts", "Contemporary Chinese Fine Arts 1979-1999", etc.

His biography in included in "China Who’s Who", "Chinese Intellectuals Who’s Who" (The Cambridge Edition), and "The World’s Outstanding Chinese Who’s Who", etc.
His works has been collected by individuals, art galleries and agencies all over the world.

Many of them have entered the list of Sotheby’s and Christie’s auction houses internationally and the auction houses like Jiade, Hanhai and Huachen in China.

He published more than 20 books and albums, including "The Cai Yushui Album" (both in Chinese and English), "Cai Yushui Sketches Techniques", "Cai Yushui Paintings Collection", "Cai Yushui’s Technique of Painting - A Selected Edition of Contemporary Chinese Traditional Painting Techniques", "Walking in the Heaven - A Rare Collection of Cai Yushui Sketches" and "A Research of Cai Yushui’s Techniques".