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Barbara J. Wachter | Abstract Figurative painter

Barbara J. Wachter expresses not only what she sees, but what she senses. That invisible quality takes her art to a level that really connects to the viewer. You can sense the emotion, beauty, even the weather in her paintings. An exciting new addition to her talents, encaustic painting, will also be on exhibit.
Art as defined by Webster is the human ability to make things: Creativity of man as distinguished from the world of nature.
Therefore, artwork being the personal work of the artist is as much invisible as it is apparent to the viewer’s eye, e.g. figurative works show the figure looking somewhere in the distance to those sights unseen.

The abstraction creates figures and landscapes in the mind’s eye of each viewer.
Landscapes dissolve into abstractions of shapes and form and colors can be monotones or brilliant and surreal, leading the mind to the worlds created.
All of these invisible elements conceived from mystical and spiritual worlds in our subconscious are in the work that I create on paper or linen.
The people pose in the usual ways, sitting or standing together, animals stand quietly or pound across a field, boats rest in harbors or battle stormy seas but all of this is far from the usual or the commonplace but it is and does become a mystical experience.
As artist teacher, Alex Powers has stated, "The aesthetics of the painter is more important than the rendering of technique".
My aesthetic, hopefully, illuminates the existence visible nowhere else except in the works created. This is where each artist is unique. It is simply the culmination of all of the invisible elements in this intricate process of creating. - Sincerely, Barbara