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Natalie Hirschman | Figurative painter

'I graduated in 1997 from Rhodes University with an honours degree in Fine art practical, Theory and philosophy of art and Anthropology.
After university I travelled extensively to Europe, South America and Asia. These 6 years of adventure allowed me to develop my plein air skills; and absorb the lessons of some of my favourite contemporary artists, and old masters. I have since pursued a full time career in oil painting. I still travel as often as possible to feed my inspiration".

"I am an experienced printmaker, and watercolourist, but find my true heart in oils. I feel that oils can transform a picture maker into a craftsman. I love the way the paint breaks the two dimensional surface of the canvas.
My aim is to paint works that are more than just an image. When a good work has been on your wall for a number of years, a mystery slowly begins to unfold. You can start to look past the story; and become more aware of the strange mosaic of paint configurations that start to release realities that not even the artist is always aware of. I think that is what I love about representational oils. The paint has two faces the subject, OR, just a love of paint at its most abstract.
My paintings are usually people and places that have touched my life. I am always trying to expand my subject matter, but I am equally concerned with the actual surface of a work. I love colour, so while I often work from life and copy from nature, I am not a slave to it. I am have a particular love for portraiture and figurative work. There is a feedback from the subject that becomes inexorably woven into each brushstroke.
I have done numerous demonstrations for Constantiaberg art society, Fishhoek art society, and the South African association of arts. I often give workshops for the SASA, and was a judge for the South African watercolour societies 2004 annual competition, and Fishhoek art societies 2008 annual exhibition. I teach and give workshops to adults on a private part time basis".