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Daniel Coves, 1985 | Abstract Figurative painter

Daniel Gonzalez Coves is a Spanish artist, born in 1985. Last year he had a piece included in the BP Portrait award show in London. His compositions are simple and elegant and his use of a single light source, often dim and directly overhead add an atmosphere of melancholy to what are otherwise very formal images. His brushwork as well is economical, realistic without being needlessly fussy, showily bravura, or painstakingly meticulous. Everything here is direct, realistic and formal. They are traditional but with a modern, almost minimalist aesthetic. He earned a fine arts degree and a masters in artístic production from the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Carlos, Valencia. Spain.

Daniel Coves studied at Universidad Politècnica de Valencia and gained a scholarship to the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan. His work has been seen in solo exhibitions in Portugal and Belgium and in group exhibitions in Germany, France and Spain. He was previously selected for the BP Portrait Award in 2009 and 2013.

Currently lives and works between Madrid and Berlin

Group exhibitions:
  • LA Art Show, Arcadia Contemporary, Los Angeles, United States;
  • Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, Arcadia Contemporary, Palm Springs, United States.
  • Five and under, Arcadia Contemporary, New York, United States;
  • National Portrait Gallery, London, United Kingdom;
  • Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, United Kingdom;
  • Ulster Museum, Belfast, United Kingdom;
  • Room Art 2015, Valencia, Spain.
  • Au Quotidien, Rossi Contemporary, Brussels, Belgium;
  • Affordable Art Fair, Wolberink-Steur Gallery Stand, Amsterdam, Netherlands;
  • Summer exhibition, Wolberink-Steur Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands;
  • Panorama, Rossi Contemporary, Brussels, Belgium;
  • The Wooden Hut Studio, Valencia, Spain.
  • Saatchi Showdown Finalists Exhibition, Griffin Gallery, London, England;
  • National Portrait Gallery, London, England;
  • Aberdeen Art Gallery, Aberdeen, England;
  • Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Wolverhampton, England;
  • El Monstruo, Historias , Promesas y derivas, Fundación Chirivella Soriano, Valencia, Spain
  • Heart&Soul. Factory-art Gallery. Berlin, Germany.
Solo exhibitions:
  • Black Frames. Round the corner. Lisbon, Portugal;
  • New paintings, Rossi Contemporary, Brussels, Belgium
Public and private collections:
  • Museo europeo de arte moderno de Barcelona;
  • Private collections at Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, England, Greece, Canada, United States, Australia and Malaysia.