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Kayomi Harai | Fantasy painter

Award-winning watercolor artist Kayomi Harai has captivated collectors for years with her darling images of wide-eyed cats in precarious predicaments.
Born in Osaka, Japan, Kayomi is a self-taught artist with a unique vision. Kayomi Harai was born in Osaka, Japan and began drawing at an early age. Since early childhood, she has had a deep interest in animals, especially the big wild cats and domestic cats. As painting gave her great joy, she decided to pursue her career as an artist. Kayomi Harai worked as a commercial art illustrator and a free-lance animal portrait artist in Japan before she moved to California in 1991.

Her paintings are full of imagination and feature a wide range of animals, including cats, tigers, leopards, pandas, wolves, eagles, and dragons. She has developed her own detailed style of painting using watercolor over pastel and color pencils. She tries to depict the personalities of the animals and emphasizes their unspoken eloquence.
Her works have been exhibited and licensed around the world.
Currently, she lives in San Jose, California.