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Daniel González Poblete, 1944 | Figurative Realist painter

Daniel Gonzalez Poblete was born in Corral de Calatrava, Ciudad Real.
Fifteen years later, in 1959, he enters fully into the world of the painting as a copyist in the Museo del Prado in Madrid, where is forged as a painter of artists as relevant as Vázquez Díaz.
He studied at the school of Arts and crafts, where he obtained the extraordinary drawing prize. Logical is that you so that from the first moment Poblete has been as a teacher of drawing and also as an absolute Dominator of the color. Within the figuration is one of the artists, without doubt, most important in the present time.

No one like he knows the secrets of the games of lights, the glare and resols, transparencies and, ultimately, miracle of the art of interpreting life through painting. His paintings are a pure technical exercise; He was pleased to capture the flicker of flames, the soft reflection of rain flowing on the glass, the caress of a distant light. How difficult it is easy for him.
And always the female figure converted into model of its making. His work has toured the world; exhibitions in Madrid, Paris, London, Chicago, Lisbon, Brussels... In Australia, in Mexico, in Venezuela, it has been possible to contemplate its fabrics and admire them.