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Zorina Baldescu, 1954 | Fantasy / Figurative painter /Illustrator

Born in Bucharest, Zorina Baldescu has been working as a children’s books illustrator for a number of years now. She specializes in creating delightful fairy tale images featuring mermaids, princesses, fairies, unicorns and more. Zorina’s images have been licensed for jigsaw puzzles and stationery products worldwide. Her images are perfect for any young girls range.

Academy of Fine Arts "Nicolae Grigorescu"  Bucharest, 1974-1978  Section Monumental Arts Restoration.
Bachelor of Arts, specialised in monumental arts and restoration. 

During the last thirty years my work has included:


  • Illustrating books for children.
  • Illustrating manuals, didactic pictures.
  • Illustrating science books: zoology, botany, medicine, surgery.
  • Posters, prospectuses, packaging, logotypes.
  • Greeting cards, calendars, diaries, ecards.
  • Games, jigsaw puzzles
  • Fairy tales author

  • Participation at the most important national and municipal exhibitions.
  • Wall painting in Murtfatlar  Constanta county – Romania tempera and kaolin.
  • Wall paintings Agronomic Institute  Bucharest tempera and Kaolin on wood panels.
  • Wall painting in Denmark  Kokkedal Castle - Brovst Kaolin, tempera, egg emulsion, 24 K gold applications.
  • Paintings and graphics acquired by private collectors from Romania, Germany, France, Denmark, Spain, Austria and Canada including: portraits, still lifes, landscapes, paintings reproductions, icons, decorative paintings.
  • Techniques: oil, tempera, watercolours, coloured chalk, coal, glazesceramics, faience, metal paintings.