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Joseph Capicotto | Abstract painter

Joseph Capicotto is a Canadian self-taught artist. His artistic abilities were evident at a young age. He is well known for his wide variety of subject matter and his proficiency in various painting techniques.
Joe's wealth of experience in light, colour, form and dimension is seen in the natural transition he brings to the canvas. His pieces resonate with carefree passion. His figurative paintings embrace the elegant features of the human figure with a romantic flowing style. Many of his pieces express a sense of reality and dream at the same time. They evoke feelings of mystery, passion and intrigue.

Joe is a professional artist, currently residing in Toronto. He completed York University's Honours Degree in Fine Arts and Mass Communications. His paintings can be found in private and public collections throughout North America. He has enjoyed much media exposure, ranging from art shows in prestigious galleries, to numerous charity events. He has also been commissioned by corporate and private art enthusiasts for murals and paintings. He has been an integral part of the Italian Walk of Fame for many years and in 2014 was elected Chairman of the Board.
  • Mission Statement
To be inspired is to feel alive, for emotions from deep inside are awoken.
From an early age I have been inspired by what I see and hear, as many of us are as infants. Images in fragments are early pieces of information and open one of the first doors to communication. Therefore, art is in essence one of the first languages we all learn, and seem to universally connect with throughout our lives. Artists are messengers of what our lives and world are all about; the beauty, the ugliness, and everything in between, they all seem to find their way onto the surface of a canvas, or in a song. I am passionate about being a messenger of life as I see it, through the medium I am most comfortable with ... painting. One of the most fulfilling feelings is being able to connect with others. As an artist, one always challenges him or herself to dig deeper and create something closer to one's soul and possibly connect with others on a more personal level. As a result, the storyteller inside me is now revealing himself onto the canvas - Joseph Capicotto.