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The Head of Franz Kafka by David Černý | Public Art

Other work by artist David Černý is located at yard of the shopping center Quadrio, metro Národní třída in Prague. This bust of Franz Kafka weighs 39 tons and is composed of 42 moving layers and reaches a height of 11 meters.

The structure is comprised of seven separate layers that rotate intermittently, dissecting the sculptures features. Custom-written programs control motors embedded within the structure to orchestrate choreographed sequences. Every motor has a feedback switch so the computer knows where each piece is at any given moment, allowing for random motion within the sequences. This movement is controlled via the Internet by David Černý and represents a continuation of his work that incorporates mechanical engineering and computers as an integral part of the design.

A Praga, nel centro commerciale Quadrio, accanto alla stazione metro di Národní Třída, c'è una statua di 39 t. - dedicata a Franz Kafka - in continuo movimento. 
La statua è stata creata dall'artista ceco David Černý al costo di 30 milioni di corone, più o meno un milione di euro.