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Peter Hobden, 1952 | Figurative Impressionist painter

Born in Geneva, Switzerland in 1952, I followed prmary and secondary school at the International Scool of Geneva. I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages (Chinese and French) at the Polytechnic of Central (now known as Westminster University).
I discovered painting late, in 2006, after a career of almost 25 years in computers in a humanitarian organization.

I left the organization to set up a business in art photography which was modestly successful and discovered painting while taking an introductory course to drawing and painting which I joined in order to enrich my visual experience.
Painting struck me immediately as a very powerful and personal means of visual expression and I was stimulated to transfer all my energy in to this medium.
In the beginning, I educated myself by painting and reading numerous books on painting, at first in acrylics, and then mostly in oils. My new found passion spurred me to learn fast, and after a couple of years I was able to paint with some confidence and sensitivity.
Each painting I create allows me to grow, and I intend my painting to be a never-ending progression.