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Simeon Nijenhuis, 1969 | Impressionist painter

Simeon Nijenhuis is transforming reality, creating a metaphor, for him the main function of the visual arts. Simeon is also someone who paints from his feeling. From his inner urge he depict topics that fascinate him as vividly as possible. Often, captivating shades, fabric expressions or special light falling on an object, are the reason for making a painting.
Spontaneous and intuitive, he then gets to work to capture this atmosphere. Here he plays with an impressive variety of brushstrokes, subtle shades and textures in the paint. Continuing until the right dynamics versus harmony is found and the optimal power of expression is reached.

A painting has to be an experience for Simeon Nijenhuis, it needs to "live" and touch your senses. If you look at a painting of chestnuts, you should be able to smell the autumn. In order to meet its own standards, Simeon Nijenhuis must therefore work thorough. Each new topic means many studies before and he is continually exploring new possibilities.
He is not only concerned to master the technique, but also to develop his own vision. And it may be said that Simeon Nijenhuis has more than succeeded in this. His paintings are compelling, contemporary and very personal. And my senses at least ask for more.
Simeon Nijenhuis studied at the Academy Minerva Groningen, The Netherlands.