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Alexander Ilichev, 1958 | Abstract painter

"When I paint a portrait I create textures, I see to the coloration so that the paint would spread naturally and diversely thus producing an effect of lightness and breadth. I paint spots of color, lines and dots. I know not how to paint psychology, depth of an image or a life lived by someone. And yet in a surprising way this all appears by itself.
A mystery inexplicable for me" - Alexander Ilichev.

  • The Art Institute in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. Ceramic department. 1978-1983;
  • The Art College in Novoaltaisk, Russia. Painting department. 1975-1977;
  • The Pedagogical College in Bijsk, Russia. Graphic department. 1973-1975.

Studio artist. Electrostal, Moscow area, Russia.
Artistic Counsil in The Krasnoyarsk Creative Production Association of The Russia Union of Artists. 1991-1993.
Department head of The Unit of Young Artists of Krasnoyarsk Organisation of The Russia Union of Artists. 1991-1993;
Member of The Russia Union of Artist since 1990.