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Arantza Sestayo, 1964 | Fantasy Art in Gothic style

Arantza Sestayo, illustrator, painter, draftsman, has worked very well for the American magazine Norma Comics in October and published a book compilation of his work.
Arantza was born in Spain and has lived on the Spanish Mediterranean coast since childhood. Her work has graced the covers of many novels, comic books and children's stories. Her gothic images are reminiscent of works by the best of Spain's many other acclaimed dark fantasy artists of decades past.

Arantza Sestayo describes the art for which she is best known as 'pure fantasy'.
"I love playing with the tones of the flesh. With shades of the real meat. Not with those who are sometimes out there: wizened fur, fake, not excite anyone. The skin seems pure object of desire. And I like that mix elegance with tonal Shines a silk with the feel of velvet. I always try to combine the texture of the body with violet hues, fuchsia. Not forgetting, ever, the game offers carmine red".

Arantza Sestayo, nata a San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa, Spagna, è una pittrice ed illustratrice Spagnola🎨.
Ha collaborato con varie pubblicazioni americane come Heavy Metal, Rebel Ink o SQP, e con riviste di Norvegia, Danimarca ed i Oortjes rivista Rooie belga.
Ultimamente ha pubblicato, in Spagna, Dibbuks Norma Editorial, è presente in eventi legati al fumetto e film come "Expocomic", "Expomanga", "Comic Irun", "Cavacon" Cava de'Tirreni (Italia) e Horror Film Festival di San Sebastian.
Le sue creazioni sono influenzate dalla pittura Preraffaellita e dall'Art Nouveau🎨. I suoi personaggi fantastici appaiono spesso romantici, ma anche oscuri e legati all'universo gotico.

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