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François Cauvin | Symbolism /Abstract painter

"My art takes root in the African heritage of Haitian culture.
The two main themes, which I have been painting during my whole career, are the representation of the Black woman and nature, developed according to haitian religious symbolism, binding these two interrelated subjects.
These themes are addressed in two ways: in the interpretation of the archetype or by the materialization of gods and goddesses embodied in a common mortal.

For many years now, acrylic paint has imposed itself as the main medium of my work. I usually use a smooth paste, luminous on a darkened background where my different characters, divinities from Africa and of Mother Nature reveal themselves, emerging from primordial waters" - François Cauvin.

A native of Haiti, François Cauvin grew up in a family of artists, musicians and poets.
A self-taught artist, he began drawing, sculpting and painting at the age of ten.
He lived in Montreal for sixteen years, recreating on canvas the images that often come to him through his dreams.
François Cauvin now lives between Montreal Canada and Haiti.