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Yves Thos, 1935 | La Dolce Vita

Born in Paris suburbs, Yves Thos joined the School of Graphic Arts at age 16 and painted his first movie posters when he was 19. The leader of a poster artist trend, he is the author of masterpieces that are nowadays registered to the Cinema World Heritage. Since the 1980’s, his paintings have created a new pictural generation which naturally originated from posters and figurative contemporary art. 

Yves Thos mainly paints characters. Whether African or Asian, a peasant or a dancer, known or unknown, woman has been his favorite model. A great vivid colors and light magician, he is fond of contrasts, duality, gradation from darkness to overexposure. His paintings, both dream and contemplation invite you to meditate. Along 40 years of creation, Yves Thos has asserted himself as an exemplary international artist, and many of his pieces belong to international private collections.
As a very young man Yves Thos painted his first posters for Pathé-Cinéma firm. He was immediately acknowledged and noticed by the biggest movie companies...
He did the poster for «la Dolce Vita», and for «La Femme et le Pantin», that became must-see movies during the poster golden age (from 1950 to 1980)... That’s why they were registered to the Cinema World Heritage.