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Fidel Molina, 1971 | Figurative /Cityscape painter

Son of the painter Luis Molina, Fidel Molina (Madrid, July 3, 1971) graduated in the speciality of Design for the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid.
He combines his work as painter with that of designer and illustrator, being able to see their creations in both film and television and Internet advertising campaigns.
His paintings and illustrations have appeared numerous times in different publications.

Notably collaborations in films such as "No deberías estar aquí", by Jacobo Rispa, in cartoon spots as those made for Repsol YPF or Fundación Crecer Jugando with its campaign "Un juguete, una ilusión", in shows as "El tramposo" of Telemadrid, or "Tírame de la lengua" of TVE, in a series of cartoons for the Internet as "The Revenge of the Claw", of Planet Hollywood, or "EnREDados", of Telefonica, in Internet games like "Toma Café", of Telecinco, those made for Wanadoo or "Mundo de estrellas", for the Andalusian Health Service, or to the movies "Lobos de Arga" and "The Fog" and in portals such as those carried out for theme parks Disney Quest.