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Elen Zelin /Элен Зелин | Abstract Figurative painter

Ukrainian-born painter Elen Zelin /Элен Зелин was born in Odessa, one of the main cultural centers of the coasts of the Black Sea and the former Soviet Union.
From an early age she studied the basic principles of Visual Art at Odessa Art School. In 1978 she graduated from Odessa Pedagogical University, majoring in Fine Art and Graphics.
Since 1989 worked in Greece. Her works are found in many galleries and private collections.
She is an active member of the Fine Arts Chamber of Greece. Since 2011 lives and creates her unique Art in New York.

  • Artexpo NYC;
  • 25 CPW Gallery - International Art Festival;
  • Juried Fashion Drawing Session. Hosted by T and C;
  • One of Prized Winning Entry Drawings-
  • Artexpo NYC (Booth 439);
  • The Highline Loft Gallery, Chelsea, NYC;
  • BWAC - Out Of Order.
  • MoRA Museum, Jersey City, NY
  • Expressions I - Gateway Art Center NYC + Arts on the Hudson