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Salvador Fuster Vercher, 1966 | Portrait /Cityscape painter

Salvador Fuster Vercher born in Alcoy, is the son of the painter Rafael Fuster he inherited his great mastery of drawing and color.
Salvador Fuster is a painter who, like his progenitor, dominates all painting techniques, and is considered one of the best portrait painters in the current art scene.
His painting is present in great part of the best collections of painting of Europe and America and even the distant Australia counts on portraits and work of this great artist.

Most significant exhibitions

Has exhibited individually at the Sala San Jorge de Alcoy (Alicante), San Vicente de Valencia Galleries and City of Albarracín (Teruel) and has participated in group shows at the three locations anteriores.
Has exposed in some cities of Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville...) and Europe (London, Paris, Geneva, Brussels, Edinburgh ...).
He has also participated in different national and international art fairs in Europe (London, Geneva, Amsterdam, Ghent) and in America (New York, Miami, Buenos Aires).