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Van Gogh | Small Bottle with Peonies and Blue Delphiniums, 1886 | Art in Detail

Title: Small Bottle with Peonies and Blue Delphiniums;
Date: Paris, june - july 1886;
Medium: Oil on canvas;
Dimensions: cm 34.5x27;
Current location: Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Vincent van Gogh Foundation.

Vincent van Gogh* began experimenting with color in his still life flower series. By the summer of 1885, the artist created some 40 paintings with a traditional approach, meaning that the flowers were in a vase and placed in the center of the canvas.

His 1886 painting Small Bottle with Peonies and Blue Delphiniums, done with oil on painter's board -a cheaper material than canvas-, from the Gemeente Museum collection, is one of them.
Flowers became the subject of many of the artist's works during this period. But after painting over 10 species in mid-September, he sought out other subjects including fruit, shoes, fish and budding flower bulbs.