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Hua Chen, 1952 | Impressionist Figurative painter

Hua Chen was born in Shanghai, People's Republic of China. Between the years of 1973-1976, Chen earned a Bachelors Degree of Fine Art from the Anhui Teacher's University, Anhui, China.

He then went on to attain a Master of Fine Art Degree in sketching, watercolor and oil painting from the Central Institute of the Fine Arts in Beijing, China.
Chen has earned several titles and awards* including Chairman of Anhui Oil Painting Research Association in China and is a member of the Artists Association of China.

After relocating to the United States in the late 1990's Chen's work became well recognized, resulting in his work being displayed in the national directory, "Artists of Chinese Origin in North America".
His one man shows have been exhibited in Japan, Hawaii, China and the United States.
Hua Chen has been gifted with the ability of creating imagery that immortalizes the most delicate of subjects on canvas. His rendition of the female form is sensual but not provocative, making his work welcome in any setting.
Using distinctive shades of pastel colors, the artist invites you into his own imaginary world filled with ageless beauty. His works are collected the world over and he has been honored by having his creations in the permanent collection of the National Art Museum of China.

Selected Awards*
  • 1980 3rd Prize, National Exhibition of Fine Arts, China;
  • 1983 3rd Prize, National Exhibition of Fine Arts, China;
  • 1985 3rd Prize, National Exhibition of Fine Arts, China.

Selected Exhibitions
  • China Art Museum - Permanent Collection;
  • Art Forum Gallery - Honolulu;
  • HI Metropolitan Art Gallery - Maui;
  • HI Fuji Gallery - Tokyo, Osaka, Kawasaki, and Yokohama, Japan;
  • Honolulu Art Gallery, Honolulu, HI;
  • Lu Martin Galleries - Laguna Beach, CA;
  • Art Expo - Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York.