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Rodrigo Zaniboni | Figurative / Plein air painter

Rodrigo Zaniboni is a Brazilian painter from the São Paulo countryside. His brushstrokes have a contemporaneous, realistic style reminiscent of the Impressionists*. Zaniboni uses a very particular palette to emphasize the correct use of the color scale, and the technique of painting by layers is one of his strongest skills; he uses the technique in his routine work and considers it one of the most important activities for artist.

As Zaniboni has had to adapt his traditional technique to achieve a unique presentation, he’ll also demonstrate how he managed to improve his skills in order to achieve a satisfactory result in this new field.
Rodrigo Zaniboni was born in São Paulo, Brazil, where he grew up in his family’s countryside farm. In 1998, he began his art studies in Catanduva with Professor Luis Dotto. He later refined his style and technique with Celso Bayo and Reinaldo Jerome.
Zaniboni’s dedication to drawing and painting has been recognised by awards* at fine art events, and his work has been commissioned for private and international collections.