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Peder Mork Mønsted | Plein air / Genre painter | Page 2

Peder Mørk Mønsted (born 1859 - died 1941) was a leading Danish landscape painter of his time, known for his photo-realist style, landscapes, portraits and genre scenes*.
He began his artistic training in Aarhus before travelling to Copenhagen to study at the Academy of Copenhagen from 1875-1879.
He was much influenced by his teacher Andries Fritz, court painter to Prince Ferdinand of Aarhus, and he also studied figure painting under Julius Exner and Niels Simonsen.
Monsted’s style developed further in the studio of Peder Severin Kroyer and through a brief period with William Adolphe Bouguereau. Although established in Copenhagen, he travelled throughout Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.