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Marie Laure Vareilles, 1966 | Surrealist photographer

Marie-Laure Vareilles is an French interior designer.
She has traveled on all continents, with her camera, showing the diversity of the countries that make the planet.
Over the years, she immortalized cultures, landscapes, people.
The cultures around the world continue to evolve.
She puts her work to the service of the memory of peoples that make our planet.

Marie-Laure Vareilles creates reportages, but also photomontages imagining the universe of possibilities, developing improbable encounters, mixing things, transforming scales, rejecting the logical constructs: she gives a new life to thousands of shots she took, recreating imaginary worlds where poetry, dream and surrealism coexist.

- I travelled on all continents, camera in hand, to testify of the diversity of countries on our planet. Over the years I have experienced different cultures, landscapes, encounters…
The cultures of the entire world are in constant evolution. My work is to serve the memory of the people and their countries all around the world.