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Wladyslaw Czachórski | Academic / Genre painter

Władysław Maurycy Czachórski (22 September 1850 in Lublin - 13 January 1911 in Munich) was a Polish painter in the Academic style.
In 1866 Czachorski attended the School of Fine Arts in Warsaw and had Rafał Hadziewicz as a teacher. He then spent one year at the Dresden Academy, and from there went to the Munich Academy (1869-1873) others who studied there at the same time included: Hermann Anschütz, Karl von Piloty, and Alexander Wagner.

He received Magna Cum Laude -the Grand Silver Medal- from Munich, and proceeded to travel to France, Italy and Poland after his graduation.
He held membership of the Berlin Academy and was also organizer and judge of international exhibitions, even though he had his home in Munich. He was awarded the Order of St. Michael in 1893.
In addition, he had many art exhibitions in Poland, taking place in Kraków, Warsaw and Łódź.
He also exhibited in Lemberg, the capital of Austrian Galicia.
After his death in 1911, a posthumous exhibition was held at the Warsaw "Zachęta" Society of Fine Arts.
Some of Czachorski's noted works were: still lifes, painted portraits and Shakespearean scenes.
Of these, Juliet's Funeral (1873), Hamlet (1873), and, most notably, Hamlet Receiving the Players (1875), were widely recognized as his greatest works.

"The hallmark of Czachorski's style, however, and the basis of his fame, are his images of beautiful young women in rich interiors, painted with great realism. He has long been regarded a master of rendering fabrics, jewelry and other details to create the atmosphere of luxury and elegance".
His paintings can be found in all the more famous and larger museums of Poland. His works also make appearances in private collections in many countries including: Germany (Bremen), England and the United States. They can also be found in foreign museums such as Lwów, Ukraine, and the Academia de San Carlos in Mexico City. | © Wikipedia

Władysław Czachórski (1850-1911) è stato un pittore Polacco.
Nel 1866 Czachorski frequento' la Scuola di Disegno di Varsavia ed ebbe Rafał Hadziewicz come maestro.
Władysław Czachórski si formò principalmente alla scuola di disegno di Varsavia, ed ebbe modo in seguito di affinare le proprie conoscenze espressive nell'ambiente tedesco, studiando prima a Dresda e poi a Monaco.
Come ogni buon artista della sua generazione, assorbì le preminenti influenze francesi ed anche italiane, in occasione di viaggi effettuati in queste due fecondissime terre d'arte.
Celebre per le sue nature morte, tuttavia, il segno distintivo dello stile Czachórski alla base della sua fama, sono le immagini di belle donne giovani ricchi interni, dipinti con grande realismo.
E 'stato a lungo considerato un maestro di tessuti di rendering, gioielli ed altri dettagli per creare un' atmosfera di lusso ed eleganza. Imperiale dunque, anche se non dipinse la monarchia regnante.