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Miroslaw Scheib, 1963 | Romantic Cityscape painter

Mirosław Szeib was born in Międzyzdroje lives in Świnoujście. He graduated from Fine Arts High School in Szczecin.
For many years, the author treated the painting as a hobby and great passion, later painting became a way of life.
In the 90s he became interested in seascape painting. Sea battles started coming into existence.

Then two images came into existence, everyone lengths of three metres - "Battle of Vyborg" and "The Battle of Copenhagen".
Work on them lasted over a year. First from them found the buyer in Sweden, second in Denmark. "Battle of Vyborg" is now on deposit in the Maritime Museum in Karlskrona.
It is possible to examine photographs of both images in our gallery, in the link - sea battles.
Later romantic genre scenes started coming into existence.
Many of them background of ancient cities from the turn of the nineteenth and early twentieth cent. Each of them painted with great precision and attention to the appearance of the city in a given era.

Most are images of the former Warsaw, Kraków and Gdańsk.
Also founded a number of work on the subject of Judaism - Jews in prayer robes, stage genre of the Jews of Cracow's Jewish and counting money.
These are time-consuming work and therefore image dimensions are smaller. Most images from a series of scenes has dimensions of 30 x 40 cm.
The author also does custom portraits of the assigned images. Examples of work at the link - portraits.
Most of the images are from private buyers in the country, much of them in Germany, where the marine products and landscapes from the island of Usedom are eagerly bought.

Mirosław Szeib è un pittore Polacco* nato a Międzyzdroje e vive a Świnoujście.
Szeib dipinge suggestivi quadri ad olio prediligendo scene di vita ottocentesche ambientate in famose capitali europee come Budapest e Parigi.