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Dante Gabriel Rossetti | Drawings and poems | La Bella Mano

O lovely hand, that thy sweet self doth lave
In that thy pure and proper element,
⁠Whence erst the Lady of Love's high advent
Was born, and endless fires sprang from the wave:—
Even as her Loves to her their offerings gave,
⁠For thee the jewelled gifts they bear; while each

⁠Looks to those lips, of music-measured speech
The fount, and of more bliss than man may crave.

In royal wise ring-girt and bracelet-spann'd,
⁠A flower of Venus' own virginity,
Go shine among thy sisterly sweet band;
⁠In maiden-minded converse delicately
⁠Evermore white and soft; until thou be,
O hand! heart-handsel'd in a lover's hand.

⁠O bella Mano, che ti lavi e piaci
⁠In quel medesimo tuo puro elemento
⁠Donde la Dea dell' amoroso avvento
⁠Nacque, (e dall' onda s' infuocar le faci
Di mille inispegnibili fornaci):-
⁠Come a Venere a te l'oro e l'argento
⁠Offron gli Amori; e ognun riguarda attento
⁠La bocca che sorride e te che taci.

⁠In dolce modo dove onor t' invii
Vattene adorna, e porta insiem fra tante
⁠Di Venere e di vergine sembiante;
⁠Umilemente in luoghi onesti e pii
⁠Bianca e soave ognora; infin che sii,
⁠O Mano, mansueta in man d'amante.