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Sculptures in Notre-Dame de Paris

Notre-Dame de Paris🎨 - Stone, copper and bronze statues, including statues of the twelve Apostles that surrounded the base of the spire, had been removed from the site days prior to the 2019 fire as part of the renovations.

Adam - West facade

Eve -West facade
Angel of the Resurrection - Roof
Denis of Paris - West facade
Saint Stephen - West facade
Gallery of Kings -West facade
Pietà - Interior - Nicolas Coustou, 1723
Louis XIII - Interior - Guillaume Coustou
Jeanne d'Arc - Interior - Charles Desvergnes
Grand lutrin - Interior - Placide Poussielque-Rusand, 1868
Le Stryge - Roof
Virgin of Paris - Interior - 14th century

The Virgin of Paris or Notre-Dame de Paris is a near life-size stone statue, 1.8 metres tall, of the Virgin and Child created in the early 14th century.
The statue was commissioned for, and remains in the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, where it survived the 2019 Notre Dame fire. It is an example of the court style in Late Gothic sculpture.

The Virgin of Paris is a new style that is different from the classical contrapposto and is sometimes called one of the most decorative statues in all of Catholicism. It is in honor of the Blessed Virgin, mother of Jesus.
It retains an emotional appeal that links it to the Strasbourg Death of the Virgin.

Madonna and Child - West facade
Ecclesia - West facade
Synagoga - West facade

Mausolée du comte Claude-Henry d'Harcourt (mort en 1769), réalisée en 1776 par Jean-Baptiste Pigalle

Theophilus praying