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Olivier Lamboray, 1968 | Surrealist painter

Internationally award winning🎨, Olivier Lamboray is a Belgian🎨 Surrealist painter🎨 who currently lives in Indonesia with his daughter.
He has been painting since 1992 and has, to date, had many successful exhibitions in Belgium, USA, Monaco, Italy, England, France,Thailand, Netherlands, Indonesia and Guinea.
"Painting is my Life"...
Would really define who I am.
Surrealism is very present in Belgian culture and I have been fascinated by it since his early years..
"The magical feeling of the surreal dream..."

Often compared to famous Belgian Luminaries such as Rene Magritte🎨 or Paul Delvaux, I have developed a very personal style, classical but surprising and inviting.The deep blue of my skies is a trademark really recognizable.

After many years traveling around the world and embracing different cultures, colors, mind sets, I settled on an almost deserted island in the Andaman sea for 6 years.
6 years facing the horizon, facing myself, the infinite..
The reflection of the self and the deep search of personal understanding of a life journey.
... And like the Paulo Coelho's🎨 Alchemist, it takes around the globe to realize that what we are looking for, is inside us.

The steps on that path were difficult ... A dangerous trip where it is easy to get lost in the darkness of the loneliness, teasing craziness.

In the deep places of the mind....
It was like walking on a wire at the edge of the world.

Painting is what kept me alive, the dream, the faith, the wonder.
"Every painting leads me closer to who I really am".
With time, while keeping a very personal Belgian touch, my paintings reflect more universal subjects, such as the value of time, its impermanence, the rising seas and changes, our place in the universe, the outer space, its wonders and secrets.
"It's a journey ... And it's amazing !
This is where I am ..."

Olivier Lamboray è un pittore surrealista Belga🎨 pluripremiato a livello internazionale.
Dipinge dal 1992 e vanta numerose mostre di successo in Belgio, Tailandia, Indonesia, Inghilterra e Francia.
Il surrealismo è molto presente nella cultura belga e lo affascina sin dai suoi primi anni… Cercando continuamente l’equilibrio tra l’illusione e la realtà, Olivier Lamboray riunisce i due mondi in una ricca opera di amore e colori.
Più recentemente le sue opere sono state ammirate a Bruges, Utrecht, Londra e Napoli.
I miei quadri riflettono chiaramente il contrasto tra il mio amore per la mia Madre patria, il Belgio, con le sue lucenti strade lastricate, i tram e - di contro- le atmosfere commiste ai colori, i fiori e le donne dell’isola paradisiaca in cui vivo.
D’altro canto il Surrealismo è molto presente nella cultura belga, ed io ne sono rimasto affascinato sin dai primi anni di vita".