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Ramón Casas i Carbó (1866-1932) | Modernist painter

Ramon Casas i Carbó is one of the most representative artists of Catalan Modernism and Catalan painting until the first third of the twentieth century.
His work became a key benchmark because it is very representative of the modernity imported from Paris, the social vision describing the crowds and the representation of a certain vision of the female figure.

Works such as the Ball al Moulin de la Galette (1890-1891, (Dance at the Moulin de la Galette) Cau Ferrat Museum Sitges) Plein Air (1891, MNAC), Madeleine (1892, Museum of Montserrat), la carga (the charge) (1899, Museum of the Garrotxa, Olot) or La sargantain (1907 Cercle del Liceu) are authentic icons of modern Catalan painting. | © Museums of Sitges
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Ramon Casas | Portrait of Pablo Picasso

Ramon Casas | Portrait of the pianist Carles G. Vidiella (1856-1915)

Ramon Casas | Portrait of Joaquin Sorolla