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Anders Zorn's palette

Anders Zorn (1860-1920) was known to use a basic color palette consisting of Lead White (Flake White), Yellow Ochre, Vermilion and Ivory Black.
This limited color palette shows tremendous range in terms of color mixing.
A large variety of tonal ranges is possible using this palette, a very important development for portrait painting.

The color palette can also be used in still life and landscape painting under certain circumstances.
The most striking aspect is that an olive greenish color is possible to obtain by mixing Ivory Black with Yellow Ochre, as Ivory Black is bluish in nature.

Zorn painted Impressionist landscapes and portraits in both watercolour and oil; he is best known for the vigorous style of his paintings of peasant girls bathing.
He did his best work in etching, employing a technique of drawing parallel lines across the plate. He was also a sculptor.