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John Meyer, 1942 | Narrative painter

John Meyer was born in Bloemfontein South Africa. He has exhibited extensively in South African and abroad specialising in landscapes and portraits (including portraits of Nobel laureates Nelson Mandela🎨 and FW De Klerk and concert pianist Vladimir Horowitz) in a photo-realist style.

More recently he describes his work as falling into what he terms a "narrative genre" where paintings are often part of a series (usually three to six) of chronological scenes.
He has exhibited at the Slater Memorial Museum (Connecticut) and the Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg. | © Wikipedia

John Meyer è nato a Bloemfontein in Sudafrica. Ha esposto ampiamente in Sud Africa ed all'estero, specializzandosi in paesaggi e ritratti (compresi i ritratti dei premi Nobel Nelson Mandela e FW De Klerk e il pianista di concerti Vladimir Horowitz) in uno stile fotorealistico.
Più recentemente descrive il suo lavoro come quello che definisce un "genere narrativo" in cui i dipinti fanno spesso parte di una serie (di solito da tre a sei) di scene cronologiche.
Ha esposto allo Slater Memorial Museum, Connecticut e alla Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg.