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WanJin Gim, 1981 | Abstract painter

Seoul-based artist WanJin Gim illustrates the form and gesture of the human body using complex hatched layers of color and dramatic lighting.
He starts his career under the nickname "Willeys".
In 2016 he begins sharing his artworks with SNS. His passion for drawing manifests itself from a young age.
After graduating from the Animation Department he realizes that animation is not capturing him and chooses to work as a freelance filmmaker.

Meanwhile, the young artist practice painting, and his desire to continue on this path becomes every day more obvious.

"The prominent characteristics of my works are color and detailed expression. Such way of expression needs intensive labor but I feel delighted and blissful in the way of expression, and I believe that such bliss is conveyed to the audience.
It seems that I focused on description in the expression, but what I am really interested in is the vacant space surrounding it. Or the relationship between the drawing and the blank!
I work thinking of how the parts of the human body, which are described in detail on a screen, harmonize with the margins and what can be implied in the harmony and balance.
I explore how to turn a 'target' into a 'phenomenon' through the relationship between the figure and the margin. Sometimes, I reflect ‘coincidence’ to my work through the ground coloring with watercolor paints".

L'artista di Seoul WanJin Gim illustra la forma e le gesta del corpo umano utilizzando complessi strati tratteggiati di colore ed una illuminazione drammatica.
Inizia la sua carriera con il soprannome di "Willeys".
Nel 2016 inizia a condividere le sue opere con SNS. La sua passione per il disegno si manifesta sin dalla giovane età.
Dopo essersi diplomato al dipartimento di animazione, si rende conto che l'animazione non lo sta catturando e sceglie di lavorare come regista freelance.
Nel frattempo, il giovane artista pratica la pittura, e la sua voglia di continuare su questa strada diventa ogni giorno più evidente.