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Ed Binkley | Fantasy painter

Ed Binkley has created fantasy artwork for three decades. His client list includes Lucasfilm, td.,Wizards of the Coast, ImagineFX, and Artifacts Puzzles, among others.
Ed holds MFA and BFA degrees in drawing and printmaking. He has taught for twenty-eight years in the Art Department at Madison College in Madison, Wisconsin, where he lives with his wife Lisa, who is also an accomplished artist.
Ed's work has appeared in a variety of books and magazines worldwide, and has been published in numerous issues of Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art where he won Gold and Silver awards with six additional award nominations.

Ed was one of five Grand Prize winners in IBA Volume 8, and also received the Silver Award in the Drawing Category.
He received a Bronze Award in IBA Volume 5, a Chesley Award nomination by the Association of Fantasy and Science Fiction Artists, and he was a 2019 finalist in the Beautiful Bizarre Art Award competition.
Ed was invited to participate in the "Star Wars Visions" book project with Lucasfilm, Ltd., and his work was selected for the project's debut poster at Comic-Con/San Diego. He was also asked to create a painting for film director George Lucas's private collection.
He served as a Juror/Judge and Guest Artist for Dragon Con 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia, and returned to Dragon Con 2019 as a Guest Artist.
He was a Featured Artist and Speaker at CTN Animation Expo 2019 in Burbank, California, and his work has twice been exhibited at the Museum of American Illustration at the Society of Illustrators in New York.
He was an award finalist in the Share One Planet invitational exhibition in Beijing sponsored by The People’s Republic of China, and his work is included in two issues of Fantasy Plus: The World’s Best Digital Artists published by CYPI Press in London.

He is a featured artist in the anthology Sketching From the Imagination published by 3DTotal, and his work has been featured in four issues of ImagineFX magazine including complete video tutorials in 2014 and 2016.
Ed is featured in published interviews with Tor.com and Bizzarre Magazine along with selected works of art, and a published interview with Artifacts Puzzles to accompany a commissioned illustration.
He has also been featured in Drawing magazine, 2DArtist magazine, and various overseas periodicals including "Kunst magazine" in Denmark, "CG Magazine" in Russia, and "Artist-Teacher magazine" in Taiwan.

Ed Binkley è un artista Americano pluripremiato il cui lavoro è apparso in principali riviste ed esposizioni competitive in tutto il mondo.
Ed ha conseguito lauree MFA e BFA in disegno ed incisione.
Ha insegnato per ventotto anni nel dipartimento artistico del Madison College di Madison, nel Wisconsin, dove vive con sua moglie Lisa, anch'essa un'artista affermata.
Il lavoro di Ed è apparso in una varietà di libri e riviste in tutto il mondo, ed è stato pubblicato in numerosi numeri di Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art dove ha vinto premi Gold e Silver con sei nomination aggiuntive.
È un artista presente nell'antologia "Sketching From the Imagination" pubblicata da "3DTotal" ed il suo lavoro è stato presentato in quattro numeri della rivista "ImagineFX", inclusi tutorial video completi nel 2014 e 2016.
Ed è presente in interviste pubblicate con "Tor.com" e "Bizzarre Magazine" insieme a opere d'arte selezionate ed in un'intervista pubblicata con Artifacts Puzzles per accompagnare un'illustrazione commissionata.
È stato anche pubblicato sulla rivista "Drawing", sulla rivista "2DArtist" e su vari periodici stranieri tra cui la rivista "Kunst" in Danimarca, "CG Magazine" in Russia e la rivista "Artist-Teacher" a Taiwan.