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Fred Stead | Landscape / Genre painter

Frederick 'Fred' Stead (1863-1940) was born in Shipley, Yorkshire in August 1863.
He studied initially at the Shipley School of Art before being awarded a scholarship to The Royal Cambrian Academy.
Stead gained a reputation as portrait painter of the rich and wealthy of Bradford and became the Chairman of the Society of Yorkshire Artists.

He was however far more than just a portrait painter - his landscapes show a love of his native Yorkshire.
He exhibited regularly at The Royal Academy in London including works such as "Shades of Evening", "The Magic Crystal" and "The Princess and the Frog". | © Bonhams

Frederick 'Fred' Stead (1863-1940) è nato a Shipley, nello Yorkshire, nell'agosto del 1863.
Ha studiato inizialmente alla Shipley School of Art prima di ricevere una borsa di studio alla Royal Cambrian Academy.
Stead ha guadagnato una reputazione come ritrattista dei ricchi e benestanti di Bradford ed è diventato il presidente della Society of Yorkshire Artists.
Tuttavia, era molto più di un semplice ritrattista: i suoi paesaggi mostrano l'amore per il suo nativo Yorkshire.
Ha esposto regolarmente alla Royal Academy di Londra, tra cui opere come "Shades of Evening", "The Magic Crystal" e "The Princess and the Frog". | © Bonhams