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Gideon Börje (1891-1965)

Gustav Gideon Börje was a Swedish painter.
Gideon Börje studied at Tekniska skolan in Stockholm and worked gainfully for a few years, at the same time he conducted evening studies in croki at Wilhelmson's painting school.
He was persuaded by Eric Hallström to devote himself to painting seriously and the two then worked together for a time, including in a joint studio on Kungsholmen.
They also exhibited together in 1918 in Arturo Ciacelli's art gallery on Strandvägen in Stockholm.

After the First World War he, like many other Swedish artists, traveled to Italy.
He also stayed in the south of France as an Ester Lindahl scholar.
He was initially naive, but after contact with early Italian art, his painting became increasingly characterized by a clear design and a classically balanced composition.

During the 1930s, his range of colors expanded and he devoted himself to painting the Norrland landscape.
At this time he also makes a lot of portraits of friends and colleagues.
Since its inception, he has belonged to the artist group Färg och Form.

Gideon Börje (1891-1965) studiò alla Stockholm Technical School ed alla Wilhelmson School of Painting.
Come molti altri artisti Svedesi, viaggiò in Italia dopo la fine della prima guerra mondiale.
In città come Firenze, Roma, Napoli e Siena, studia l'arte degli anni '20.

Gedeone si dedicò alla pittura in questo periodo, ispirandosi ai modi eleganti dei maestri italiani ed all'abbagliante paesaggio meridionale.
Gideon Bjore morì nel 1965.