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Chris Dunn | Watercolor children's book illustrator

Chris Dunn, was born and lived in the Riddlesden area of Keighley.
He has been a fine artist and illustrator since 2008 and his anthropormorphic animal illustrations have gained him a strong following and the attention of a major gallery in Paris.
He attended Bingley Grammar School, where he began to develop his talent for art in a newly built art block at the school.
After leaving school, Chris went to Bradford College, where he completed an art foundation course, followed by advanced study at Swindon School of Art, where he graduated with a degree in illustration.

After graduation, he was employed in an art shop, but began to work freelance as an illustrator, finding clients eventually among a range of publishing and media outlets, including Haymarket Press publications, BBC Audiobooks and The Times.
He began work on his freelance animal illustrations having been inspired earlier in life by characters in works by Beatrix Potter and Brian Jacques.
The Galerie Daniel Maghen in Paris, having seen Chris’s work on Facebook, sold one of his paintings through a Christie’s auction, leading to an invitation to show his complete collection of paintings at the Maghen gallery in 2016.

In addition to the major Paris exhibition in 2016, Chris’s work has been shown in at the Bath Open exhibition, Bath Prize exhibition, and Royal Watercolour Society and Sunday Times Watercolour exhibitions in London.
He was the Pound Art Open People’s Choice award winner in 2014, Bath Artists Society Young Artist Prize winner, 2012, and a winner of the Bath Art Prize, and Agnes Sloan Prize, both in 2011.
Chris lives in Calne, Wiltshire, where he has his studio.

Chris Dunn è un artista a tempo pieno specializzato in illustrazioni tradizionali ad acquerello di libri per bambini.
Chris Dunn, è nato e vissuto nella zona Riddlesden di Keighley.
Si è laureato in illustrazione presso la Bath Spa University nel 2008 e ha iniziato la sua carriera come illustratore freelance.

Chris ha sviluppato le sue capacità partecipando a concorsi artistici come il Sunday Times Acquerello Competition ed il vecchio Bath Art Prize, che ha vinto nel 2011.