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Visualizzazione post con etichetta Abstract Art. Mostra tutti i post
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Pier Toffoletti, 1957 | Splash painter

Pier Toffoletti is an Italian painter🎨 from the province of Udine.
Pier's passion for art was obvious from a very early age, and his family quickly realized he had inherited his grandfather's artistic talent.
The term splash signi_es a splotch, a drop, a spot but it also means to highlight something through a gush of a substance to underscore the arrival of an astonishing event.

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David Park (1911-1960) | Figurative Expressionist painter

American painter🎨 David Park was a pioneer of the Bay Area Figurative School of painting during the 1950s.
David Park was part of the post-World War II alumnae of the San Francisco Art Institute which was called the California School of Fine Arts at the time.
He revived an interest in figurative art, at first experimenting with still-abstracted forms that relied on color for their impact, dynamics and warmth.

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Lee Bogle, 1946 | Native American Art

Collector's know him for his images of Native Americans, often solitary figures of women.
  • "I try to convey a spirituality in my art that the viewer must interpret for himself. I want my paintings to show a peaceful contemplation and express a depth of serenity that comes only with quiet inner peace".
Drawing, painting and picturing life are among Lee Bogle's earliest memories. A native Northwesterner, his art has always been more than a pastime. For many years he has described his art as a passion. Bogle continues to live in the Northwest, where he is surrounded by the beauty of nature.

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Peter McGowan | Romantic garden

Peter McGowan is an British painter🎨. He was born and raised in Yorkshire, England and still makes his home there. McGowan paints from his studio in the County that has inspired many great artists, including Henry Moore and David Hockney.
Light and its effects fascinate McGowan.
He works in several media, including oils, acrylics, watercolors and pastels, to translate this interest to paper and canvas.

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Marina Podgaevskaya, 1963 | Abstract painter

Professional artist from Saint Petersburg Marina Podgaevskaya is a prolific painter, she has created more than 2000 canvases.
Marina Podgaevskaja graduated from the Higher Art School in 1983 with a degree in "interior designer", in 1998 - the school-studio at the old painting techniques.

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John Salminen, 1945 | Watercolor painter

John Salminen earned his Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in art from the University of Minnesota. He lives and works in Duluth, Minnesota. John teaches workshops, makes presentations and participates in painting events around the world.
John is a signature member of numerous art societies in the United States, including: the American Watercolor Society – Dolphin Fellowship; the National Watercolor Society; and the Transparent Watercolor Society of America – Distinguished Master.

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Cathrine Edlinger-Kunze | Abstract painter

German-born painter Cathrine Edlinger-Kunze moved to the United States in 1994 where she works as a full time artist. She credits her father for inspiring her love for painting. "Sitting side by side with my father, I learned very early what painting meant to me, and it became a special bond to my father and me".

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Leopold Survage (1878-1968) Abstract / Cubist painter

Léopold Frédéric Léopoldowitsch Survage [variant names Léopold Sturzwage, Leopold Sturwage, Leopoldij Sturzwasgh, Leopoldij Lvovich Sturzwage] was a French painter🎨 of Russian-Danish-Finnish descent born in Lappeenranta, Finland.
At a young age, Survage was directed to enter the piano factory operated by his Finnish father.

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